Most startups have the same primordial origin story. Friends or colleagues who have new ideas and are superfluous in what they do and decide to build their own company over their set of skills. They make great attempts to ensure their brand is known and soon after are already established. However, trouble always seems to find its way, new to the market, inexperienced in the shark tank they’ve immersed themselves and devoid of the knowledge\on how to make sales. The sales departments may not have a clue where to start with marketing and advertising their product or service.

Most startups lack the knowledge on who and how to target, organize and schedule their marketing and sales activities. Sometimes they may be confused about the decision makers and the roles each stakeholder plays. Despite lead generation being an essential aspect of the modern day sales process, startups require it more.Here are some major reasons why startups and businesses need lead generation:

  1. Your Core Business is Your Marketing Focus
    It’s no secret that startups suffer from limited to scarce resources in order to strengthen
    and improve their position in the market. Quite often those involved in startups have other
    things to do that aside from committing to making sales and developing their brand.
    Businesses may also need to change their brands to be more versatile and trendy. Lead
    generation ensures both instances are realized boosting sales altogether.
  2. No Sales Team Yet Or Is a Very Busy One
    During the nurturing stage of most startups, they may lack a definite salesperson or even
    an entire department. Without a sales team, a business may crumble over the weight of
    contacts sorting, evaluating purchasing intents, CRM updating, scheduling meetings and
    many more time-consuming tasks. For businesses who have a busy sales department may
    be too engrossed that lead generation isn’t thought of.
    As a startup, you can engage lead generation services or provide your sales team with
    targeted leads to boost sales.
  3. The “Who to Target?” Uncertainty
    Some startups and businesses may lack the bearing to their intended target. They may
    possess an idea, which might just as well be a wrong guess of the mental image of their
    buyers. If unsure, you can outsource lead generation to assist with market research.
  4. Writing Emails and Selling Isn’t Your Forte
    Writing is an art that demands a great spirit. Some people lack this decisive spirit to write a
    compelling content that makes sales. Poor content will affect your sales effort, moreover,
    you shouldn’t feel pressured to compose a perfect one. The only important bits involves
    providing enough information for its intended buyers to grasp their brand. Focus on
    developing your product and service while leaving quality content generation to
  5. Rising Above The Competition
    Sometimes a startup can find its way into a market already saturated. This proves
    troublesome since both your competition and you are all devoted and have a similar target
    more or less. Lead generation gives you an inch over the competition because you’ll know
    who the real buyers are, how to approach them and come out with a definite sale.
  6. Trust Issues From Potential Customers
    Startups, being new on the market, have the arduous task to evolve and also build trust
    with their target. Your brand is new to the market and consumers won’t line up to you like
    the already established giants in the industry. Instead, you are left to work extra hard to
    make an introduction to and convince your potentials, building trust and generating leads.
    Lead generation can provide assistance with garnering trust from potential customers by
    reaching the intended target and sparking their interest with the right brand campaign

Lead generation, courtesy of advancements in technology and the evolution of marketing
strategies, has the potential to grant startups the power to target their prospects whenever
they go. From social media to live online advertisements, you have the chance to strike it
handsomely with lead generation. From the aforementioned reasons, I trust that the
importance of lead generation in startups has piqued your interests and view it as an ideal
choice for your business.